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Hello Everyone, I am Liya Ajil the cook and photographer behind Easy Snacks.

I started this YouTube channel/Website on April of 2018 to share with you my passion for cookingthrough my little adventures in the kitchen. I love talking with friends and family about food and sharingrecipes. I started to love cooking mostly because home cooked food is fresher, better and healthier. Itseems that nowadays it has become a luxury few can afford. Our lives seem overwhelmingly busy and "fast-food" is a common term in this hectic world.

I believe that cooking is for everybody. It might take time but it is an adventure, a wild ride, a rewarding and delightful experience that will soon turn into a captivating pleasure. I have the luck of having the full support of my husband. He also is the person behind the video camera and helped me make the recipevideos.

In my private life am the happy mother of one cute boy. By the time I started I knew almost nothing about YouTube Channel and I still consider I have a lot to learn. If I would have known how much work it is need to develop a recipe site I would have probably postponed this but I am glad I did't.

This YouTube Channel was meant from the beginning as a possibility to share good and as much as possible healthy recipes and good information related to food. It's not a Channel about my personal life; Ilike to restrict my posts specific to that recipe story. English is not my native language, so be indulgent with me if any errors occur. I would appreciate if you notice any mistake to just let me know. Regarding the photography, I have to admit it's something I have discovered only after I started this Channel. I still consider it the most difficult part of this website. My first recipes photos are far from what I tend to but I think I have evolved on this chapter and still have a lot to learn. I am using a Canon EOS 100D and Nikon Coolpix p900 cameras. For editing I am using Photoshop CS5 and Adobe premiere pro software’s.

All in all, Easy Snacks Adventure is about the passion me and my husband. We want to introduce new creative ways to cook and show how you can have a blast in the kitchen.

Hope you will enjoy these recipesas much as we do.


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